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Payment services in Israel A regulatory challenge

Our firm has been invited to give a lecture and participate in a panel at the IMTC WORLD 2020 conference.

At the conference, we presented the existing regulation on payment services in Israel and the recent changes and those that are expected to happen in the near future.

You can see our presentation below:

payment services - Regulation status
Download PDF • 470KB

Our firm specializes in the fields of payment services, licensing, legal provisions, and legal solutions for payment services. Please feel free to contact us for advice in the said fields.

About Adv. Ido Malin

Adv. Ido Malin, Founding Partner, Head of Banking Regulation, Non-Banking and Financial Credit Department.

Ido, together with his legal experience, holds rich practical experience in the field of banking and financial activities and in the field of financing.

Prior to joining the firm, Ido held positions in credit, regulation and money laundering at a number of banks. In all these positions, he combined legal work with extensive experience in banking and financial operations, including credit risk management, models for granting credit and customer ratings, aspects of operations and regulation, customer forms, discussions with the Bank of Israel and other entities.

Ido's legal and practical experience in the financial and business field assists the firm's clients in advising in the fields of credit, insurance ,capital market, large-scale financing transactions, advising on new financial instruments, money laundering, licensing and unique solutions on complex issues.


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